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Phunware, Inc. is an Austin, Texas based mobile application, location tracking, and advertising software company founded in 2009. It is traded on NASDAQ as PHUN.


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Current Employee - Unknown says

"Very unstable work environment Since the company does not do a great job in providing job security, people are very scared to share their knowledge and resources. As It may make them replaceable. Not a good environment to be in!!!"

Former Employee - Senior QA Engineer says

"Upper management still can't get out of startup mentality. They keep changing priorities and it is super hard to follow what are the goals. On top of that, it is well known that the company is short staffed. They have a developer being the director, the project manager and scrum master at the same time. They recently laid off a bunch of people and the Austin office feels like a ghost town. Stay away from this place, not worth the hassle!"

Former Employee - Software Dev says

"This is not a friendly place where you can see cooperation among coworkers. It is more similar to a battlefield."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Once inside, the real story is that there is no focus or strategy, poor leadership, management by intimidation and threat, micromanagement of trivial nonsense, inadequate budgets to accomplish goals, and a lot of employee and management turnover. Salaries are lower than average, the stock plan is weak, promises of an IPO are overdone, benefits are expensive, and with multiple locations and dispersed management, overhead is high and communications are nonexistent."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company tries to be too much to too many customers. Needs focus. You won't have time to take advantage of the Miami location//surroundings, as aggressive project deadlines are objectives pushed by management. And there's always an unrealistic deadline. Management is clueless and incapable of adding incentives to keep the staff working hard. Stock options for a possible IPO is the current bait used to justify the hard work. Salaries are below the national average. Work performed per resource is not. Lots and lots of miscommunication."

Android Platform Architect (Former Employee) says

"To be fair, I don't know what the compant culture is like now. But most of the upper management is the same. Phunware drives performance at the cost of employee's well being. Many long hours, no reguard for family/life balances. Their only objective is to be well known and successful on Wall Strret."

Android Platform Architect (Former Employee) says

"My biggest compliment for Phunware, is that you will learn and grow with your position. At least your responsibilities will grow. Unfortunately, your growth and knowledge will come at a big price. No family/work balance, and I don't mean 20, 80 or 10, 90. I mean 0 family/work balance. 10 to 12 hrs days, and for me an additional 1.5 hours each way back/forth travel to home. Management does NOT reward passion, and/or dedication. It was a love/hate experience for me. Love for most of the staff (non-management) and hatred towards top company executes for treating people like a number. Totally disposable regardless of your contributions. And I'm writing this over 5 years after working there. Maybe things have changed?? I doubt it. So, yes, I'm sure."

Production & Presentation Designer (Former Employee) says

"Job culture is amazing at Headquarters - very bright, energetic and fun. Lots of snacks, gifs and swag, too. Although I was let go (mysteriously...) I think Phunware is a great place to gain experience."

Senior Manager of Customer Success (Former Employee) says

"Decent Tech and Product. Poor leadership vision. If working in an environment with no stability or direction is given by the leadership, this is your kind of place.I enjoyed most of the people I worked withNo support. No direction"

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